Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) Online Support Groups

Join a supportive and informative online community for individuals dealing with thyroid eye disease. TED Online Support Groups provide a safe space for you to participate in a conversation about what you and others are going through as each navigates the TED journey. These one hour, peer-facilitated, and topic driven online groups use Zoom to connect our global community. You can choose to have your camera off or on. Come as you are. And wear sunglasses if that works best for you. You can simply listen in or share according to your comfort level.

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Because we are a community and not medical professionals, it is important to follow the guidelines of TED Online Support Groups as outlined below – click the plus sign.

The above TED eyes drawing is by Roseanne and is part of the INSIDE OUT TED ART project. 

Discussion Guidelines

Stay Positive and Supportive:
Share positive experiences, coping mechanisms, and success stories. Focus on providing constructive support.

Empathy and Respect:
Everyone’s experience with TED is unique, and it’s essential to be supportive and understanding.

Avoid Medical Advice:
The group is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Members should consult their healthcare providers for personalized guidance.

Share Personal Experiences:
Share your personal experiences with TED, including symptoms, treatments, and coping strategies. This helps foster a sense of community and understanding.

Share reliable and up-to-date educational resources about TED:
This can include articles, videos, and reputable websites to empower members with accurate information.

Respect Privacy:
Please respect each other’s privacy. Personal health information should not be shared without consent.

TED Online Peer Support – Join the Conversation
Wednesday, June 19th @ 4pm ET, 3pm CT, 1pm PT

ted builders workshop for thyroid eye disease

Please join us for a TED Community Peer Support Meet Up – a heartfelt, uplifting, and solution-oriented conversation about living with thyroid eye disease, TED.

Below are the topics for the one-hour meeting that will take place on Zoom, Wednesday, June 19th @ 4pm ET, 3pm CT & 1pm PT. (International participants welcomed!)

You can be on or off camera. This is a safe space so make yourself comfortable! 

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High & Low.
Let’s take a moment to check in with one high and one low that you are currently experiencing.

Take Back Your Life!
Do you feel like your life has been hi-jacked by TED? Perhaps your confidence level went from an “8” to a “1” with the onset of TED. You may have withdrawn from friends and family. Stopped dating. Or considered pivoting to an online job where you can hide out. Let’s talk about it.

Children, Cameras & Mirrors
No problem? Or have you been challenged by looking in the mirror, the reactions of children if your appearance has been affected by TED … and the ever-present cameras?!

Self-Compassion and Care
Thinking about TED as an auto-immune, what are ways you can use self-care to encourage your own healing journey? Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep Hygiene, Mental Health practices, for example.

On a final note: Community :o)

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This page is made possible by the extensive work done by TED patient: Cynthia B.