TED Community In-Person Meet Up

Spend the day with us! Interested in hosting a TED in-person meet up? Email your idea to: hello@tedcommunity.org 

In-Person Opportunity 2024
This year we have two great opportunities for an in-person meet up.

In May 2024, we brought together 16 TED patients, including 2 care partners, for a TED Community Builders Workshop. This is for TED patients / advocates who wants to learn more about the TED Community Organization. And would like to bring their interests and talents to our collective effort to expand our reach globally to those who are presently dealing with TED alone, at times filled with fear, and often confused.

The fall TED Community meet up is presently being planned – watch this space!

We cover most expenses.

If you are interested in attending our 2024 in-person Fall meet up, please use the short form on this page to let us know.

Quotes from In-Person May 2024 TED Builders Workshop – Photos Below

“Thank you so much for everything!! It was a life changing few days. Absolutely incredible :)”

“I’d love to walk into my doctor’s office and share news that will help him understand more about TED.”

“My TED journey has been long and extensive. I have been treated with steroids, Tepezza, orbital decompression, methimazole, and have had my thyroid removed. I believe I can help other patients who might be struggling to make decisions on therapies or surgeries.”

“I wanted to attend so I would feel not alone in my journey.”

“We have so much in common with one another. It made ‘no one walks alone’ real!”

“Loved it all! Aha Moment – learning about ‘Agency’ a term I hadn’t heard before.”

“How exciting so many [with TED] were together. We will never walk alone and it is heartwarming how people connect. This was our 1st, but not our last!”

“I felt definitely cared for – empathy from all.”

“I simply enjoyed being around others who get it.”

“I enjoyed hearing everyone’s stories and how we all were part of the participation of the workshop.”

“I want to be part of a team that works on nutrition for those with TED.”

“I felt a sense of community and something bigger than me. I felt heard and I felt connection.”

“It has been life changing and so, so meaningful.”

For example: 8312224434

TED Builders Workshop 2024 ~ Graciously Sponsored by Amgen / Chicago

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