TED Community Organization

The TED Community Organization is comprised of patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and individuals who advocate for those dealing with Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). In essence, we are a community of individuals who have the shared living experience of TED.

As a dedicated Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) organization, our vision and quest is to ensure that no one need ever walk alone through the TED journey. To this end, we provide education, support, and connection for all who are affected by TED.

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TED Community Organization offers 12 FREE resources built into our TED Care Portfolio:

  • TED Educational Webinars
  • TED Patient Podcasts
  • TED Online Support Groups
  • TED Educational & Personal Story Videos
  • TED In-Person Meetings, Retreats, and Conferences
  • TED eNewsletter
  • TED Online Forum
  • TED Online Advice Column (ie. Dear TEDe)
  • TED Research & Resources Library
  • TED Art Therapy
  • TED Buddy System – one-on-one support and friendship
  • TED Social Media

Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) Common Symptoms

light sensitive eyes

Light Sensitivity

watery eyes

Watery Eyes

dry gritty eyes

Gritty Eyes

red eyes

Red Eyes

bulging puffy eyes

Bulging Puffy Eyes

double vision

Double Vision

Graphics and fact sheet courtesy of Prevent Blindness.

Learn more about Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)

Dr. Gary Lelli: TED Basics

A TED Patient Story

A TED Caregiver’s Story

ted art with colorful painting in abstract for thyroid eye disease
TED ART for thyroid eye disease art classes and therapy through Prevent Blindness.


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How to connect with the TED Community Organization:

Visit our website: https://tedcommunity.org

Send us an email: hello@tedcommunity.org

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TED Community Organization

We Educate
We Support
We Connect
All those affected by Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)

You’ll never walk alone.

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