Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) Clinical Trials

Recent Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) Research and Clinical Trials worth noting:


TEPEZZA® (teprotumumab) Approved in Brazil for the Treatment of Active Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). The first international approval outside of the U.S.

FDA expands teprotumumab indication to include any thyroid eye disease duration, activity.

Research presented  at the American Society of Ophthalmic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery annual meeting noted a decrease in eye muscle size for patients with TED who underwent treatment with TEPEZZA (TM), resulting in better eye movement and less double vision.


Scientific Presentations from Viridian Therapeutics regarding clinical trails related to thyroid eye disease treatments.

Viridian Therapeutics is recruiting participants for their THRIVE – TED phase 3 study. Use this link to read the science and results of Viridian studies.

Viridian Therapeutics is requesting your help to develop new therapies for Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). Please see their THRIVE clinical study (PDF).

Viridian announced positive top line results from its ongoing Phase 1/2 Trial evaluating VRDN-001 in patients with TED.


Immunovant is presently recruiting for a TED clinical research study. Please use this link to learn more.

See “Understanding Thyroid Eye Disease” contributed by Immunovant.

Immunovant announced two new development programs for the drug batoclimab, including one for Graves’ disease.


For anyone in the TED community interested in participating in research – Sling Therapeutics is currently running the ‘LIDS’ clinical trial, inviting TED patients to explore their eligibility. If you’re over 18, have a diagnosis of Graves’ disease or Hashimoto’s, and are interested in potentially participating in research, check out this link.

If you do qualify to participate, you could receive the study drug and any study-related procedures at no cost. Travel would also be covered. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask them to a member of the team who will reach out to you upon successful completion of this short prescreener questionnaire.

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April 2023. The Most Urgent Voice in Eye Research – The Patient’s
by Jeff Todd, JD, MS, & Kira N. Baldonado, MPH @ Prevent Blindness.

Management of Thyroid Eye Disease: A Consensus Statement by the American Thyroid Association and the European Thyroid Association

Evaluation of Depression and Anxiety in a Diverse Population With Thyroid Eye Disease Using the Nationwide NIH All of Us Database

TED Clinical Trials / Studies for thyroid eye disease

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